bellydancing bombshell

27 Sep

Okay, so maybe not a bombshell.  My cousin and I looked like total and absolute fools, but so did everyone else in the class.  But it was a freaking BLAST.  We even got to wear little bells so when we shook around we jingled… so fun.  And we’re doing it again next week.  Who knew shaking your hips and ass would hurt so much?  I can feel my core already is sore, and I just got home an hour ago… I love it.  Helloooo abs.


i want

26 Sep

How great are these two dresses?  I found them the other day and instantly wanted to see myself in them.

lazy sundays

26 Sep

Today is a lazy day, which are very nice to have once in a while.  Slept in (which for me is only until 8am), woke up really horny so I played with my vibrator and came twice before even rolling out of bed (while thinking about getting fucked in my ass by him), and had some oatmeal while watching the news.

Now I’ve gone to pick up my birth control prescription already, and am about to head off to do some laundry before hitting up the cider mill.  I adore cider mills – one of my absolute favorite things about Fall.  When I lived in Chicago I couldn’t find cider mills anywhere, it was terrible.  Missed them dearly.  I think the next place I move to has to have them… definitely a requirement.

Tomorrow night I’m taking a belly dancing class at one of my fitness studios, which should be interesting.  I can’t say I’ve ever done that sort of thing before.   I coerced my cousin into going with me though, so if we look like fools, at least I have someone to look like a fool with!  I actually really really enjoyed that Pole Fit class I took last Thursday, and it gave me a killer workout.  Then the belly dancing class tomorrow night, and next week I’m signed up for a “Video Vixen” workout class on Wednesday night.  That is supposed to be a class where they teach you to dance all sexy like in the music videos while giving you a crazy cardio workout as well.  And this studio does pole dancing as well, and Zumba, and abs and ass classes…. so after a few more if I like the variety, I think I might buy a monthly membership where  I can take as many as I want.  I can totally see going to my normal gym in the mornings for basic cardio and this studio in the evenings for muscle toning and fun cardio would give me a fab body that I’d love to show off all the time.  And that… that, is the goal.  I want to look absolutely smokin’ hot for him.  And I will.  Other men will totally be staring and so jealous of him and his cute little thing on his arm.  Hmmm.

the outsider

25 Sep

A Perfect Circle – The Outsider…..  Great band.  Just got back together for 3 shows in LA which sold out in the first five minutes of being available.   Crazy.

hello saturday

25 Sep

Just got out of a long hot shower.  I looove those.  Steaming water pouring all over my body, I could honestly just stand in there forever.  It felt nice today too cause yesterday was not such a good night.  I’m pretty sure my mom thinks I’m either depressed, or on drugs, or stripping or something.  I have no idea what’s in her head… but it just seems like she and I have not been getting along or clicking like we used to.

Today I’m headed over to this lovely place: to get my annual test.  Usually I get myself tested every January – I figure it’s a good idea to do it regularly… especially if you’re a little slut who loves sex like I do ;) – but I’m getting it done a little early this year because he told me he wanted me to get tested now, so it’s done before he starts fucking me on a regular basis, which is (hopefully, dear god) before January.  And since his cock is going to be the next one to violate my pussy and ass…

Anyway – weekend is here.  Yay and all that.  Work was stressful and slow this week.  Here’s to hoping it’s not like that next week.  Getting tested today, then some errands to pick up a prescription, drop off some bills, and cleaning up my room some… then I have to figure out what to do.  My parents are having people over today at 2:30pm and they’ll be here until midnight most likely.  Don’t really want to be around to chit chat the whole freaking time.

Off to put on some clothes now – can’t run errands naked after all.

old and new

24 Sep

I keep looking at this picture of my tits.  Then I look at this picture:

…. and I just smile.  I get so hot thinking about getting fake tits for him.  I actually had a dream about it last night, about the surgery and then coming home and the next few weeks getting used to them and the stares and the new attention they brought.  And as much as right now I’m not one for attention – I fucking loved it.  Getting dressed by him, having him carefully pull down my shirt just a little more to show just the right amount to make guys drool, him touching me all over, loving the little body he’d created for me.

Now I’m getting all worked up again, and I have to go to work all day.  Ugh.  And to top it all off, he still isn’t talking to me.  Today is going to suck.

kick ass class

24 Sep

Wow.  I just got home from this new alternative cardio class I’m taking (Pole Fit) and I got my ass handed to me.  I am going to be hurting tomorrow for sure.

Tired and horny now…. so I’m going to find some lovely porn to watch and think about all the dirty things I want him to do to me.